Angelica Pickles

Birthday December 19
Zodiac Sagittarius
Age 13
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Gender Female

Angelica Pickles is Tommy and Dil's cousin and a character from Rugrats and Rugrats All Grown Up.

Looks Angelica has light blonde hair that comes do to her shoulders. She has fair skin and light blue eyes. She wears fashionable clothes like a light blue shirt with blue sleeves or purple shirt with pink sleeves a blue skirt with purple dress polka dots and green trim. She has no socks and purple shoes. She wears some clothes with a yellow hair and she hates to wear clothes at the same week.

All Grown UpEdit

When Angelica was little three years old on (Rugrats). Her parents never hardly pay attention of her. Because of her lonleyness she took it out on the other babies. She thought the only friend she had was Cynthia who she act like it was her mother to her to. She gets mad easily when other people don't listen to her. 

In (All Grown Up) She although changed to try to talk more instead of getting mad all the time, but she still believes being older makes her smarter. She still bossy from time to time, and does things to get people mad because shes bored. She secretly likes Sussie's singing voice and cares about her. She did stop the habit of carrying her barbie doll around. On the episode (Runaway Cynthia). She gets her mother to give her old stuff away, but she realized she missed her barbie doll. When she gets jealous, she does her own thing acting like it's not affecting her.

She owns her own website called (Ask Angelica). She takes pictures of people she moslly knows are just random people and puts them on her website to be funny.

In one episode, Chuckie Finster picked up her diary saying  something about stuffing her bra and wearing a differnt shirt. She might not wear the size bra what people think. No one knows but Phil Deville.

It seems like when Angelica is around Lillian Deville and Philip Deville. She acts a little nicer to them, but still mean to them.


  • She haves the same hair length ever since she was 3 years old
  • She likes to sing just like Sussie
  • Shes not very active
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